Surge in Weekly HFMD Cases Exceeds National Alert Level, Warns Health DG

Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) is a painful illness that primarily affects children under the age of six. It is crucial to spread awareness about this condition in order to protect our children and prevent its spread within our communities.

surge in weekly hfmd cases exceeds national alert level, warns health dgPhoto via The Star

According to the Health Director-General, Datuk Dr. Muhammad Radzi Abu Hassan, the number of HFMD cases in our country has surpassed the national alert level of 1,150 cases per week during Epidemiological Week (EW) 19, which took place from May 7 to 13. 

This alarming information was reported by BERNAMA, emphasizing the urgency of addressing this issue.

Among the reported cases, Selangor contributed the most, accounting for 2,443 cases or 24.9% of the total number of cases. Following closely are Sabah with 1,505 cases, the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya with 977 cases, Johor with 915 cases, and Sarawak with 750 cases.

It is distressing to note that approximately 87.4% or 8,587 cases affected children under the age of six. However, it is important to highlight that none of the cases have resulted in intensive care unit admissions or deaths.

The director-general has emphasized that locations where children often gather are particularly prone to HFMD outbreaks…

As of May 13, there have been a total of 273 clusters reported in 2023, with 170 clusters occurring in nurseries, kindergartens, pre-schools, and daycare centers. Additionally, 101 clusters have been identified in private homes, and two clusters have emerged in schools.

To combat the spread of HFMD, the Ministry of Health urges the public to take preventive measures. These measures include thorough handwashing with soap and clean water after using the toilet, changing diapers, coming into contact with blisters, or handling belongings of infected children.

It is also crucial that children exhibiting symptoms of HFMD do not attend school or public places. By keeping affected children at home, we can help minimize the risk of transmission and protect others from the disease.

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Together, we can raise awareness about HFMD and work towards safeguarding the health and well-being of our children and communities. 

Let us take these preventive measures seriously and ensure a safe environment for our young ones.