Here’s A Way We Can Deal With Students’ Heavy School Bags!

You know when you drive by a primary school and you see a student carrying a school bag twice the size of their body?

The heavy school bag issue has been going on forever - and we can’t help but wonder why nothing has been done about it yet.

here’s a way we can deal with students’ heavy school bags!Photo: Harian Metro

According to Harian Metro, a local primary school, SK Serting Ulu in Jempol has introduced a cheap and clever way to help their students lessen the weight of the school bags - with portable plastic boxes!

Students no longer need to bring back their heavy textbooks home and back as they are free to put it in their own boxes. 

The school’s headmaster, Zainal Abidin Talib said that the initiative was from a teacher, Nor Hazizah Mohd Sani, who started a WhatsApp group with parents to discuss the matter - from there the idea to provide portable plastic boxes in the school was born! 

Each of the boxes comes with the photos and details of the students, and they are free to put their belongings in the boxes. 

Zainal said that one of the parents bought the first 22 boxes for the school with their own money.

“The initiative was only introduced to the Year 5 students at the moment, but hopes that all students will adopt the approach as one box only costs around RM15.90 and can be utilized for the next school term as well,” said Zainal. 

So, dear Education Ministry - maybe some funds for this simple initiative would be cool! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat