Health DG: Give The Vaccine Time To Work

With the National Covid-19 Immunization Plan set to roll out at the end of February, most Malaysians are already dreaming of life returning to the good old, pre-pandemic days. 

But not so fast.  

health dg: give the vaccine time to workPhoto via The Star

According to the Health Director-General, things will not return to normal just yet even with the arrival of the vaccine. 

Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah says that while the vaccine is crucial in containing the spread of the coronavirus, we must not consider it an ‘immunity passport’. 

He said the risk of spreading the virus remains even after vaccination as there will still be large numbers of people who have not received their shots. 

He explained that in order protect ourselves and our loved ones, we need to get vaccinated AND continue abiding by SOP’s like wearing face masks in public. 

health dg: give the vaccine time to workPhoto via AFP

Dr. Hisham, however, assured that we can start easing the SOP’s once more people have been immunized and the vaccination program has been successful.  

The National Covid-19 Immunization Plan will officially roll out on February 26, beginning with frontliners.  

The rest of the general public can start registering for the vaccine on March 1st

By: Nicholas Darren John