Healt(ea) Boba

healt(ea) boba

Amidst all the jokes about having to chop off a leg after consuming bubble tea (also known as boba tea), the health risks are very real. A study commissioned by Channel News Asia found that a 500ml cup of brown sugar boba milk can contain up to 92g of sugar. 

In line with this, Holista CollTech and SunFresh Fruit Hub decided to step in and make a change - they have developed three healthy ingredients, which they say will be a game changer in the boba tea world.

healt(ea) boba

They came up with healthier versions of ‘pearls’, sugar syrup and sugar caramel, which will contain lower Glycemic Index (GI) as compared to regular ingredients that are currently being used. The three new ingredients promise to deliver the same boba tea experience, without changing the taste and texture of existing products. These ingredients are a smarter choice for the body due to their lower Glycemic Index content, allowing the body more time to digest and absorb glucose.

The low GI ‘pearls’ will be created by means of a combination of Holista’s all-nautral GI-Lite™ formula with tapioca starch so as to lower the GI content from 75 to below 55. Also using their own product called 80Less™ (aptly named because it contains 80% less calories), Holista will be able to kill two birds with one stone as not only is this replacement healthier, it reduces manufacturing costs. Now we come to the sweetest part of the whole thing - the caramel. Holista’s proprietary sugar caramel is made from molasses and will be used as a pre-pour on the pearls or as a medium to cook them in.

healt(ea) boba

“The Bubble Tea fad is not going to go away. The challenge is to offer a healthier version which can significantly reduce the potential of higher incidence of diabetes and obesity. We are combining science with the market reach and understanding of the needs of Bubble Tea manufacturers and vendors to offer a healthier alternative without increasing cost of production,” said Dr Rajen Manicka, Founder and CEO of Holista.

Would you try this healthier alternative?

By: Celestine Foo