Haze Season? More Like Couch Potato Season!

What are your plans this hazy season? Doctors everywhere have recommended staying indoors, so this is your chance to be a couch potato and enjoy some of your favourite shows!

haze season? more like couch potato season!

Stepping out in the haze brings a burning, choking sensation to the throat, and you can just feel the toxicity in the air. We know just the series for this season - Chernobyl. Without making light of a serious situation, the shroud of smoke and gloominess all over the city helps to make the movie feel even more immersive while keeping you safe at the same time. 

haze season? more like couch potato season!

For something different with a more dramatic storyline, Games of Thrones is a great option if you haven’t already watched it. The highly popular series brings medieval fantasy to life, with power, lies, and legendary creatures coming together in one show. Not only will you get lost in the story, you may also get lost in the visuals, with stunning shooting locations that include Northern Ireland, Malta, Croatia and Spain.

haze season? more like couch potato season!

What better way to while away the time than by watching a highly-rated singing competition? Without Adam Levine this season, the show will be slightly different. Will John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton be able to still keep things spicy and fun? Tune in to The Voice premiering on 24th September 2019 to find out how the judges and contestants do this season!

With the haze all around, now is the perfect time to stay indoors and binge watch all these award-worthy shows! Catch the nominees on demand with WI-FI connected PVR or Astro GO and watch the Emmys on the 23rd of September @ 8am on FOXlife channel 711 or 722(HD).

By: Celestine Foo