Have Man United Knocked Liverpool Off Their Perch Again?

"My greatest challenge was knocking Liverpool right off their perch."

Former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson said this in 2002 interview, when United were the dominant team in England.

have man united knocked liverpool off their perch again?Photo via AP

Their fortunes have changed since then, as they haven't won the Premier League title in nearly 10 years, while Liverpool reclaimed the perch last season.

But United are now serious title contenders; their 1-nil win over Burnley means that they're 3 points clear over Liverpool at the top of the table.

It's the first time they've topped the table in January since 2013!

So is 2021 United's year?

While fans certainly hope so, current boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says they should keep their expectations in check.

"We're almost halfway through the season, so it's an indication of where we're at, but no one will remember the league table on the 12th of January".

He also warned his players not to fall for the hype, as it could breed over-confidence.

By: Faisal Merican