Halo Perhilitan, Ada Eagles!

halo perhilitan, ada eagles!Photo: The Star Online

Eagles are majestic creatures, so just imagine the excitement a big group of eagles flying in circles as a halo appeared around the sun would cause. 

The birds of prey became viral news overnight, with videos and photos sent out in Whatsapp showing them flying around in Bagan Serai, Perak.

To add on to the majestic moment, there was a rainbow around the sun. Sounds like a truly magical sight! 

Magic shmagic - no such thing. According to the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan) wildlife officer Hasdi Hassan, the two incidents were simply a matter of coincidence. He added that eagles are big birds and are unable to continuously flap their wings.

halo perhilitan, ada eagles!Photo: The Star Online

"If they do so, they will burn energy quickly – but they still need to fly to search for food. So what happens is that they use thermal columns (rising pillars of hot air caused when the ground is heated by sun rays) to glide.

They glide in circles individually, or in large numbers, to get higher elevation from one thermal to another," he told The Star.

Hasdi also said it was common for eagles to make use of thermals to move from one place to another in the search for food.

"It is also normal for eagles to glide in large numbers, especially when there is an abundance of food," he added.