GRAB That E-Tunai Rakyat Because “Siapa Cepat, Banyak Dapat”

Grab’s e-Tunai Rakyat campaign, “Siapa Cepat, Banyak Dapat” share the same vision of a cashless future. As such, Grab collaborated with some of its users’ favorite brands to accelerate the adoption of e-payments, in support of the government’s effort of creating a digitized economy for Malaysia.

grab that e-tunai rakyat because “siapa cepat, banyak dapat”Photo: Grab

Each successful registration of the e-Tunai Rakyat with GrabPay will automatically receive RM30 and users will also get to enjoy 100 times more in value with vouchers and discounts worth up to RM3,000.

To date, 1 in 3 GrabPay daily active users have registered for the e-Tunai Rakyat initiative and the first tier has been redeemed completely.

grab that e-tunai rakyat because “siapa cepat, banyak dapat”

According to the Managing Director of GrabPay, since the launch of the initiative on January 15, new GrabPay users have increased by 6x, which includes conversion of Grab cash-based users to embrace the GrabPay e-wallet.

1 in 5 GrabPay users that received the RM30 disbursement have already made transactions in which 70% was spent with GrabPay merchants.

GrabPay is accepted nationwide at a variety of merchants and services such as hypermarkets, health and beauty retailers, cinema outlets, fast food chains, convenience stores and more.

It also features Auto Top-Up (first e-wallet in Malaysia to offer automatic top-up when your GrabPay Credits balance is low), GrabRewards (earn points for every GrabPay transactions), Pay-with-Points (offset your bill with GrabRewards points at any GrabPay merchant), and more…

So, here’s how you can claim your e-Tunai Rakyat with GrabPay. Super simple!

  • Step 1: Register and upgrade your GrabPay wallet
  • Step 2: Tap the “Payment” tab on the bottom navigation bar
  • Step 3: Select “Top Up”
  • Step 4: Choose your top-up method and follow the instructions
  • Step 5: View your new balance instantly

Tumpang lalu, Malaysia is on its way to being a cashless nation! (but cashless in a good way)

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat