Govt Heeds Call To Revise SOPs For Chinese New Year Celebrations

govt heeds call to revise sops for chinese new year celebrations

Family reunion dinners on the eve of Chinese New Year this Thursday (February 11th) is a go!

Last week, the government had announced that only those living in the same household could be present for the reunion dinner and prayers, but after much public outcry, it has revised the CNY SOPs under the Movement Control Order (MCO).

In an official statement, it said this would be limited to 15 family members living within a 10km radius and must not involve interstate or inter-district travel.

Also, religious activities at houses of worship on February 11th,12th and 19th during CNY are now allowed.

“The number of worshippers must not exceed 30 people at any one time and they must also wear face masks and maintain physical distancing.The duration for prayers is 30 minutes, which will be followed by sanitisation for 30 minutes before the next prayer time,” it added.

Remember, you’re not allowed to visit your neighbours and, of course, cultural events and performances such as lion dances and Chinese operas are not allowed.

The government had been under fire since it first announced the reunion dinners are limited to within the same household, citing the need to prevent mass gatherings due to the high number of COVID-19 cases in the country, even as it agreed to reopen previously closed economic sectors like night markets, hair salons and car wash outlets following complaints.

Stay safe, everyone!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob