Go Out And Buy Your Food - Foodpanda Riders Are On Strike!

go out and buy your food - foodpanda riders are on strike!Photo: SoyaCincau

Food delivery services are something many of us rely on, whether we are the users or the riders. To many, it is a source of income. 

Recently, Foodpanda revised its payment scheme for riders outside the Klang Valley. The new system is said to help the riders by allowing them more flexibility. 

Conversely, however, riders say the new system reduces their earnings instead. Riders in various states have gone on strike, with videos of the united protest circulating on social media.

According to the new payment scheme which went into effect on 30th September, riders outside the Klang Valley will receive an increment (from RM3.50–RM5 to RM5–RM7) from every order they receive. There will also be a RM100 bonus when a rider completes 60 hours a week. The glaring difference between this new plan and the older one is that riders will not be paid the current RM4/hour. In response to this, Foodpanda said it “ensures riders who want to work more have high volumes of deliveries available to them and vice versa.”

go out and buy your food - foodpanda riders are on strike!Foodpanda riders on strike in Kota Kinabalu. (Photo: Free Malaysia Today)

“A rider that previously received RM5 per order would now receive RM7 per order. Riders are also incentivised with a RM100 bonus upon completing 60 hours a week. In addition to that, riders will receive an extra RM1 per order for all orders between 11pm to 9am daily”, Foodpanda told SoyaCincau.

Riders said that excessive delay periods in between orders would affect their overall income, so the move is simply not fair and beneficial to them.

Minister of Youth and Sports Syed Saddiq has spoken up regarding the issue, inviting the public and parties involved to his house tomorrow night for an open discussion.

What are your thoughts about the new payment scheme?