Get Yourself Tested for COVID-19!

Those who show any signs of infection have been urged to test themselves for COVID-19 and seek medical advice as soon as possible.

The Health Minister says it’s because around 91% of brought-in-dead cases were unaware they were infected by the coronavirus.

get yourself tested for covid-19!Photo via New Straits Times

According to Khairy Jamaluddin, the finding was based on survey done between February 5 and 21.

He adds that based on the survey, over half of family members did not immediately refer the deceased to health facilities, as they assumed the sickness was mild.

Meanwhile, Khairy noted that COVID-19 deaths must now be reported to the Health Ministry within 72 hours.

He explained that previously, fatalities were only announced once the registration process was completed at the state level, which causes a delay in announcing the deaths.

get yourself tested for covid-19!Photo via The Edge Markets

So please, get yourself and your loved ones tested for COVID-19, and act quickly before it’s too late. Stay safe!

Elle Firdouz