It’s 2019, Time To Get Your Food Delivered with Drones!

it’s 2019, time to get your food delivered with drones!Main image via New Straits Times

In the age of superapps and innovative tech services, food delivery options are increasing and saturating the market, making competition stiff. So, if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, maybe you could consider food delivery via drones.

According to The New Straits Times, residents in Cyberjaya will be able to enjoy food delivery services through drones by the end of this month. CEO of Average Drone Sdn Bhd, Hamdee Hamdan, touts that it would only cost RM2.50 per trip and take 12 minutes for the food delivery to reach your doorsteps.  

it’s 2019, time to get your food delivered with drones!Image via The Star

While drone delivery is not an entirely novel idea, with Amazon popularizing the concept way back in December 2013, we have yet to know of anyone else who delivers nasi lemak using drones!

This is only a test run and after three months we will see how it goes and add on more dishes on the menu.

This project is a collaboration with Futurise, which is managed by Cyberview, a subsidiary firm under the Finance Ministry, and it will only be available within 2km of the Futurise building during this trial phase.

it’s 2019, time to get your food delivered with drones!Image via New Straits Times

The drones are currently able to handle weights of up to 800g and there are plans to modify the drone to accommodate a 3kg load if the trial project is a success.

We’re so excited that this technology is available in Malaysia. Say goodbye to traffic jams that stand between you and your beloved meal!