From An Escalator, Straight To The Hospital

An unidentified 49-year-old man’s Sunday morning got traumatic real quick, when one of his legs got stuck in an escalator for almost 40 minutes recently. The man was rescued by the firemen deployed from the Titiwangsa Fire and Rescue Department, at around 10am.

The victim was immediately sent to Hospital Kuala Lumpur for treatment, and reports later confirmed that he had broken his leg in the freak incident. 

from an escalator, straight to the hospitalPhoto: The Star 

Sources say that the cause of the faulty escalator is still under investigation.

This kind of incidents make us wonder about the safety of these ‘moving stairs’. Though it is indeed a convenient mode of transportation to naik especially when you’re extra malas that day, we need to be aware of our own safety and the people around us.

Be it at a shopping mall, train station or any building that has more than two levels, these are a few safety tips that you can do to avoid any escalator-related injuries:

  • Always hold on to the handrails of the escalator
  • Avoid using a non-functioning escalator
  • Keep to the left when you are not moving
  • If you’re riding with children- hold their hands!
  • Do not push, but also get out of people’s way

from an escalator, straight to the hospital

Photo: Monsafety Wordpress

By: Zahin Adib Abd Rajat