Friends Band Together To Help Woman Who Had To Find Chicken Skin And Leftovers To Feed Her Family

In Kota Bharu, Kelantan, a housewife has been visiting a chicken seller near her house in Kampung Babong since February just to get free chicken skins and leftovers to feed her family.

However, Yusmaliana Yusoff’s hardship did not last long as her life started to turn around after she met an old friend at the chicken seller’s place on Thursday (June 24th), as reported by NST.

friends band together to help woman who had to find chicken skin and leftovers to feed her familyPhoto via New Straits Times

After a short catch-up session, the friend, known as Zaifah, wanted to help after finding out that her old friend had to scavenge for scraps of chicken skins and leftovers for her family. 

“He posted my story on social media and it went viral. Since then, several people including local community leaders started to visit my home on Friday and Saturday to give me some donations,” said Yusmaliana. 

The mother of five said that her husband, who was a carpenter, had lost his source of income since the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) last year and things worsened after the current FMCO. 

“We have been dipping into our savings for our daily expenses, and now our savings are running really low. It’s not that we have never eaten leftover chicken before. But lately, we have to eat them more often for our daily meals from morning to night as we have no other choice. My husband and I cannot afford to buy a variety of food for our children,” she said. 

friends band together to help woman who had to find chicken skin and leftovers to feed her familyPhoto via Harian Metro

Yusmaliana said that she would ride on her motorcycle to the chicken store every morning to get the chicken skin and leftovers. 

She added that the seller will normally give her between two and three kilogrammes of leftovers.

“Sometimes, there will be one or two customers at the store who will donate the whole chicken to me. I am lucky that my five children understood how difficult things were and they were willing to eat the chicken skins with rice and soya sauce almost every day,” she said.

She also said that her family receives a RM650 monthly aid from the state Welfare Department for the four children but needed to save the money for their education and other expenses.

How sad! But we’re glad that her friend helped her! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat