Foodpanda Striked Out

foodpanda striked out

In light of the new Foodpanda payment scheme which caused riders nationwide to go on strike, Minister of Youth and Sports Syed Saddiq invited the riders to his house yesterday night for an open dialogue. He promised that the suggestions and feedback received would be presented at the next Cabinet’s meeting, today.

He had met with Foodpanda earlier in the day to discuss the implementation of their new payment plan. According to him, Foodpanda had said that revocation of the scheme would be considered depending on the reactions received.

foodpanda striked out

At the dialogue session, riders from various states including Johor, Ipoh and Penang were present to voice their complaints and displeasure about the new scheme, as well as other grievances. 

One rider from Penang alleged that Foodpanda said their online identification codes would be barred if they were discovered to have participated in the strike. 

When Syed Saddiq asked what the difference in income would be for the riders between the old and new payment scheme, they said there would be a discrepancy of close to RM 1,000. This sum would mean the riders lose more than 50% of their current revenue, which completely disproves Foodpanda’s claims that the new scheme would help to increase their revenue.

Among the demands made were for them to be treated fairly, instead of being told they were “just contract workers” and didn’t deserve to demand high salaries. Another rider said they just wanted the old scheme back, ensuring that they would all be paid by the hour instead of by the number of orders they receive.

By: Celestine Foo