Foodpanda Speaks Up

foodpanda speaks upPhoto: Asia One

In light of Foodpanda’s new payment scheme which instigated a strike by the riders, there was a press conference held today where we heard about the issue from their end.

The revised payment scheme received a mixture of negative and positive feedback from the riders, public and other stakeholders - with those against it making up only about 1% of the total number of riders.

foodpanda speaks up

“We believe the objections raised stem from them being misinformed about our scheme,” said a Foodpanda representative. 

He further explained that the new scheme, which removes the hourly rate but increases payment per order, gives performing riders the opportunity to earn up to 50% more than what they were earning previously. Meanwhile, those who aren’t performing as well can use this as an incentive to take up more shifts and thus, make more. 

Upon completion of 40 hours in a week, riders will receive a RM150 bonus. On top of that, they also receive an additional RM1 per order for orders between 11pm and 9am daily. When riders complete 80 orders in a week, they are entitled to an additional bonus. 

“Hot Zones”, which are basically high potential zones, have been highlighted to the riders to help them deliver more orders in a shift.

“While we are proud to say that we are a food delivery service with the widest coverage in the country, let me reiterate that it’s not a monopoly. There are other players in the market. We are happy to be part of the government’s vision to reduce unemployment rates amongst youths - whether they are with us for the long-run or in between employments,” added the Foodpanda representative. 

In response to whether the new payment scheme will be revoked, Foodpanda said there will be a review period of 4 weeks before they consider doing so.

By: Celestine Foo