RM2 For Plain Water! Food Stall’s Business License Will Not Be Renewed Says Port Dickson Authorities

A food stall in Port Dickson will not be able to renew its business license after they went viral for charging customers RM2 for plain water.

According to Sinar Daily, the Port Dickson Municipal Council (MPPD) president, Mohd Zamri Mohd Esa said action was taken after receiving a number of complaints, “And since the stall has gone viral a few times, we are compelled to take action.

rm2 for plain water! food stall’s business license will not be renewed says port dickson authoritiesPhoto via Sinar Harian

“We will give the vendors until March to empty their stalls.”

He added that this particular stall has disrupted other vendors and has cast a bad light on the food court, stating that although the cost of living has increased, they shouldn’t be using this as a justification for unreasonable price increases. 

"When incidents like this occur, they cast a shadow over other food vendors in Port Dickson.

“According to my observations, the food prices in Port Dickson are still fair, and it only affects a small fraction of sellers,” he claimed. 

On Tuesday (24 January), a customer shared a photo of the receipt on his Facebook.

After food and drink costs were included, the bill came to a whopping RM102 for only 4 people…

Wah, that’s like spending RM50 per person for nasi campur!