Food Delivery Rider Injured By Fallen Tree In Johor

A food delivery rider was injured after a tree fell and crashed onto his motorcycle in a storm at Jalan Besar Pekan Telok Sengat in Kota Tinggi , Johor on Friday (August 6th). 

food delivery rider injured by fallen tree in johorPhoto via Astro AWANI

According to BERNAMA, district police chief Supt Hussin Zamora said officers received information about the incident at about 3 pm from a driver who was on his way from Jalan Besar to Pekan Telok Sengat.

The driver said that a giant tree was uprooted and hit the front left of his car and at the same time the motorcycle that was coming from the direction of Pekan Telok Sengat towards Jalan Besar was also hit by the tree. 

The victim who was lying on the road after being hit by the fallen tree branches was given emergency assistance by medical and the Malaysia Civil Defence Force personnel who arrived at the scene shortly.

food delivery rider injured by fallen tree in johorPhoto via The Star

He said the police sought help from the villagers to cut down tree branches to save the 22-year-old victim believed to have suffered a broken left thigh and was rushed to the Kota Tinggi Hospital for further treatment.

The victim’s condition is reported to be stable. 

Be careful on the road, guys! Especially if it’s raining heavily. Drive safe!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat