Feeling Unwell? Ask Dr. Amalina!

We all know Dr. Amalina Che Bakri - who in 2004, achieved an outstanding SPM result by scoring 17 A1’s!

Now Dr. Amalina is a surgical trainee at a hospital in the United Kingdom.

feeling unwell? ask dr. amalina!Photo via website Ask Dr. Amalina

She is active on her social media, constantly sharing her medical knowledge and debunking health myths by sharing facts based on research evidence.  

Recently, Dr. Amalina announced on her Twitter account, the launch of her new website ‘Ask Dr. Amalina” that focuses on general health information and blog about current health issues. 


Hi guys, I’ve just launched my own website called ‘Ask Dr Amalina’. I will be posting general health information and blog about current health issues. I’ve been sharing medical knowledge and facts based on research evidence on social media over the last few years and I think it is time for me to take it to the next level. I’m very excited with this new project and I hope that you will learn something new! Enjoy! P/s: Please note that this is not a platform to do personal medical consultation about yourself or your family members. This is merely a platform to share general health information to the public. Please see your local doctor for any health concerns. Thank you. Link: DrAmalina.com

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According to Dr. Amalina, it’s time for her to use other mediums of social media platforms to share her knowledge with a bigger audience. 

However, she reminded the public that this new platform isn’t for her to conduct any private medical consultations but merely share health information with the general public. 

Wow! Keep inspiring the younger generations, Dr. Amalina! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat