Father Who Has Been Raping His Own Daughter Every Week Arrested

father who has been raping his own daughter every week arrested

We wish this story wasn’t true, but it is what the headline reads…

A 45-year-old father in Ampang has been arrested, after it was discovered that he had been raping his own 16-year-old daughter on a weekly basis since February.

The story reached police when the victim left her house and went to the South Integrated Bus Terminal (TBS) on November 1st, before being detained for not having a travel permit amid the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO).

According to Ampang Jaya District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Mohd Farouk Eshak, she wanted to return to her mother’s house in Kuala Nerang, Kedah, because she couldn’t stand her father’s actions any longer.

“Investigations found that the victim was raped continuously every week without anyone's knowledge. The suspect would rape the victim in the early morning while the rest of the family members are asleep.

“As a result of this act, the victim felt scared and had attempted suicide once by drinking floor cleaning fluid. The incident (suicide attempt) occurred in June 2020 and no police report was made,” he explained.

Farouk added that the victim, who is still schooling, is the only child and her parents divorced in 2004 after she was born.

“Before this, the victim lived with her mother in Kuala Nerang, and in September 2019, the biological father (suspect) was granted custody. She lives with her father, stepmother and four younger step-brothers,” he said.

The case is being investigated under the Penal Code for committing incest, and the suspect is subject to up to 20 years in prison and whipping if convicted.

It’s understood that the suspect has a previous record for rape, also incest.

If you know someone who is experiencing domestic abuse, you can contact the 24-hour Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) hotline at +603-7956 3488 and through TINA (WhatsApp or SMS) at +6018-9888058 for free and confidential information and to access crisis services.


by Kyle Roshen Jacob