Fake WhatsApp Messages Claiming There’s Covid-19 Cases At These Locations In KL!

You know those chain messages you always get in your family Whatsapp groups or randomly sent to you from an unknown number with information that you don’t know whether it’s real or not?

These messages have been going around for a while now, especially during the breakout of the Covid-19 virus, spreading false information just to stir panic. 

fake whatsapp messages claiming there’s covid-19 cases at these locations in kl!Photo via Twitter Ministry of Health (@KKMPutrajaya)

With so many new cases recently, Malaysians are worried that they might have unintentionally come into contact with an infected person.

The places listed in the WhatsApp messages are: 

  1. Bowling IOI City Mall

  2. Kenny Rogers IOI City Mall

  3. Alamanda 

  4. Bandar Baru Bangi

Don’t worry, the Ministry of Health (MOH) was quite to debunk the news on their official Twitter page, saying that it is all FAKE! 

In the tweet, the ministry warned anyone caught spreading fake or unverified news on Covid-19, that they risk facing legal action.

MOH also posted a number of tweets, displaying the many other fake messages that had been circulating on WhatsApp and Facebook. 

The Ministry stated that the places associated with Covid-19 have already carried out the necessary disinfecting works, and is safe for the public. 

So it’s very simple, guys, if you’re not sure about the news - don’t share it! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat