Facebook Introduces Third-Party Fact-Checking in Malaysia to Curb Fake News

facebook introduces third-party fact-checking in malaysia to curb fake newsMain image via Malay Mail

In the age of citizen journalism, where the latest news and viral media gets spread like wildfire before it reaches the front pages of reputable news outlets, we often come across misinformation, inaccurate representation and fake news. So how do we know what to trust when it comes to information on the world wide web?


To address this issue, Facebook has launched a third-party, fact-checking programme on their platform in collaboration with Agence France-Presse (AFP), which has been certified by the Poynter Institute’s non-partisan International Fact-Checking Network. According to Malay Mail, the programme aims to reduce the spread of misinformation to foster a community that is well-informed through thorough assessments, reviews and ratings that will determine whether or not the photos, videos and/or posts shared are accurate.   

So, how does it work?

Currently, AFP will be fact-checking content published in English and Malay using a standard set of guidelines. If a post is found to be inaccurate or false, the post will be given a lower priority, appearing much lower in the News Feed and thus reducing its reach and spread. Pages that are repeat offenders will be punished, seeing significant drops in their distribution and their monetization revoked.

Furthermore, whenever AFP writes an article about anything that has been classified as false or inaccurate, Facebook will automatically recommend the correct information as ‘Related Articles’ in the News Feed.

Facebook has also partnered with 54 other organizations around the world to fact-check content in 43 other languages.


We’re glad that Facebook is taking initiatives to fight misinformation. Let’s be responsible netizens and bid “bye bye bye” to fake news!