Expert Weighs In On Whether It’s A Good Move To Lift Interstate Travel for Raya

Main image via The EdgeMarkets

The one thing that’s one everyone’s mind at the moment is whether they’ll be able to ‘balik kampung’ for Hari Raya next month.

While no solid decision has been made on this matter yet, many feel that it’s not a good idea to lift the interstate travel at the moment. Thus, Malaysians, especially those celebrating Aidilfitri, will have to brace themselves for the possibility that they won’t be allowed to cross state lines.

Why is it not a good idea?

Malaysian Public Health Physician’s Association president Datuk Dr Zainal Ariffin Omar told Astro Radio News that the Covid-19 situation in the country is at a worrying level. The Health Ministry had also proposed for the travel ban to remain for now, following appeals from various quarters urging the government to hold off these plans.

How bad is the Covid-19 situation, really?

Malaysia reported 2,148 Covid-19 cases yesterday, the first time new daily cases exceeded the 2,000 mark since March 5.

Sarawak recorded the highest number of cases with 512, followed by Selangor and Kelantan. There are currently 17,575 active Covid-19 cases, up from a recent low of 14,161 on April 6.

Stay safe and stay home, guys!


By Roshini Ravindran