Elderly Woman in Melaka Bitten by Baby Crocodile, Initially Mistakes It for a Lizard

In a surprising incident in Melaka, an elderly woman was bitten by a crocodile, initially mistaking it for a harmless lizard.

Faridah Abd Ghani, aged 65, shared her experience. Around 6 am, she stepped outside her home in Kampung Balik Batu, Tanjung Bidara, and felt a sudden bite on her leg.

Thinking it was a lizard due to the early morning darkness, she called for her children. It was only when her son arrived and closely examined the creature that they realized it was a crocodile, not a lizard.

elderly woman in melaka bitten by baby crocodile, initially mistakes it for a lizardPhoto via Twitter

The small crocodile, about 30 cm in size, was motionless with its mouth open. Faridah's son managed to contain it using a dishcover before contacting the Civil Forces.

Though Faridah had occasionally seen crocodiles swimming near her beachside home, this was the first time one had come so close.

A team from the Civil Forces arrived promptly, capturing the crocodile and handing it over to PERHILITAN, the wildlife and national parks agency.

Fortunately, Faridah did not suffer serious injuries during the encounter.

If you ever encounter a wild animal, it's crucial to prioritize safety. Maintain a safe distance, avoid provoking or approaching the animal, and contact local wildlife authorities for assistance.