Elderly Man From Johor Loses RM1.87 Million To Parcel Scam After Befriending “Brazilian Doctor”

A senior citizen lost nearly RM1.87 million to a parcel scam after befriending a woman, believed to be a foreigner on social media…

According to The Sun Daily, Johor Bahru Utara district police chief ACP Rupiah Abd Wahid said her team received a report on Tuesday (30 August) about a 67-year-old local man, who befriended a doctor from Brazil on Facebook Messenger.

elderly man from johor loses rm1.87 million to parcel scam after befriending “brazilian doctor”Photo via Restaurant Business Magazine

“After more than two weeks, the woman promised to bring the victim items and money worth US$2.8 million. 

“However, on 13 June, another woman who claimed to be a delivery agent contacted the victim and asked for payment of the delivery service charge and cash that had been promised,” Rupiah said in a statement. 

She said that between June and August, the victim had made 11 online money transfers into a bank account provided by the “delivery agent.” The victim only realized that he had been scammed after he failed to receive the items and money.

The “Brazilian doctor” was also unreachable after he had transferred all the money. 

Alamak, so kesian!

Guys, please be careful when you meet people online, and make sure that they are REAL! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat