Durian Lovers, Rejoice! The Prices Of Premium Durian Are Expected To Dip In June

Durian is crazy expensive! If there’s a shortage of durians in the country, the price can go up to RM80 per kilogramme. We’re not kidding! 

But the good news for all durian lovers is you will soon be able to enjoy the king of fruits at a more affordable price in June as the price is expected to dip due to more supply from other states.

durian lovers, rejoice! the prices of premium durian are expected to dip in junePhoto via FreshPlaza

According to BERNAMA, orchard owner, Lai Kuan Beng said currently Penang had more supply of durian compared with other states which attributed this to the yielding period of the fruit in the state, which is from mid-April or early May, depending on the weather.

“The price is high right now because there is little supply as the durian season has yet to reach its peak and most of the durian in Penang are also distributed to other states as well. 

Other states like Pahang, Negeri Sembilan and Johor also had durian orchards, but the Penang durian was the most highly sought-after. 

durian lovers, rejoice! the prices of premium durian are expected to dip in junePhoto via 27 Advisory

Other than that, the weakening of the Ringgit, the high cost of foreign labour and the increased price of fertiliser were among the contributors to the high price of the fruit, “When the durian season began early this month, premium durian such as the Black Thorn was priced at RM100 per kg, Musang King RM75 per kg while Hor Lor and Red Prawn at RM50 per kg.

“Now the price has dropped and I expected it will drop further when the state gets durian supply from other states beginning this June,” he said. 

So, guys, this is the best time for durian lovers to enjoy the fruit as the price would be lower with more choices to pick from, especially in Penang! 

Ahh, now we feel like having some good durians!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat