Driver Stunned By A Slithery Surprise

driver stunned by a slithery surprise

Motorists on Jalan Tun Razak were greeted by an unusual sight yesterday (October 19th).

Fire and rescue personnel were called to rescue a snake found trapped in the engine of a vehicle.

Curious, passersby and motorists slowed down to check out the incident, and this caused a massive crawl from Double Tree Hilton at around 8:30am. 

driver stunned by a slithery surprise

Photo via ITIS

It's understood the driver did not realize that a snake was hiding in the engine until his car came to a complete stop.

So the next time you leave for work, always take a quick look around your car before you take off every morning.

Who knows, your neighbour's cat may be hiding in your car engine!


by Rayelene Chin