Drinking Too Much Water Can Actually Be Fatal

Drinking too much water, is also bad for your body …according to KKM.

We know, it’s the flu season and you’re taking all the safety precautions to prevent yourself from catching any bad viruses.

drinking too much water can actually be fatalPhoto: Business Insider Malaysia

But drinking water is NOT the only way to do that. Also, did you know that it’s not good if you consume too much of it either? 

The Ministry of Health Malaysia has advised Malaysians against drinking too much water, as this could put you at risk of being diagnosed with hyponatremia or water intoxication.

Hyponatremia occurs when there’s a dangerously low level of sodium in the blood due to excess fluid in the body. In some cases, Hyponatremia may even result in the individual ending up in a coma, that could possibly lead to death.

KKM added that the recommended amount of water that one should drink a day is around 6-8 glasses… but that’s not for everyone!

If you’re under the sun the whole day or if you’ve been doing a lot of physical activity, you might need to drink more water due to all that sweating and heavy breathing - which obviously causes your body to lose a bit of water. Your body weight can also be used to measure how much water you actually need per day.

Can we actually know how much water our body needs?

So guys, watch your daily water intake ya – don’t drink too much, but don’t drink too little either! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat