Don’t Come To The Vaccination Centre If Your MySejahtera Is Showing These Statuses...

The National COVID-19 Immunization Program has now entered its second phase by focusing on two main groups, namely the remaining healthcare staff and the elderly, as well as those with chronic diseases.

don’t come to the vaccination centre if your mysejahtera is showing these statuses...Photo via The Star

However, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has urged the public to refer to their MySejahtera app risk status before leaving home. 

This is applicable even if you are already on your way to a Vaccination Administration Centre (PPV) for your scheduled vaccination. 

Note that these statuses are not allowed to enter the PPV:

RED - Confirmed Case (Asymptomatic)

ORANGE - Suspected Case or Close Contact 

YELLOW - Persons Under Surveillance (PUS)

The ministry has also asked the public to be responsible and to stay at home, even on the date of your vaccination appointment. 

If you found yourself listed under the four categories, immediately call to cancel your appointment, and don’t worry, a new date for your appointment will be rescheduled later! 

Stay at home and stay safe, guys! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat