“No Choice!” M’sian Encourages Empathy Instead of Blaming Mixed Rice Vendors for Price Hike

In a time when prices for everything are going up, while wages stay the same, finding an affordable place to eat can be challenging. Even the go-to option of mixed rice, known for being budget-friendly, is getting more expensive due to inflation.

“no choice!” m’sian encourages empathy instead of blaming mixed rice vendors for price hikePhoto via Facebook (槟城吹水站)

To put it simply, economy rice isn't as economical as it used to be. However, a Malaysian believes that customers shouldn't get too upset about the rising prices. He thinks the vendors had no choice but to increase their prices because their suppliers did the same. In a Facebook group called 槟城吹水站, he explained that vendors are in a tough spot.

"Let's stop online harassment!"

The man said that after covering their monthly expenses, vendors make an average of RM2,000 each month, and they don't live lavish lives as some might think.

"I don't see you complaining when you pay RM40 for breakfast at cafes!"

On average, a vendor sells a plate of mixed rice for RM6. If they sell 60 plates a day, that's RM10,800 a month. It sounds like a lot, but after considering expenses and initial costs, there isn't much left.

"With all the price increases, do you expect me to take on my suppliers?"

He also mentioned that the rent isn't cheap and asked people to stop blaming vendors who have no choice but to raise their prices.

"When the bank raises your loan interest rates, I don't see you complaining then!"

The cost of raw materials keeps going up, and there's no sign of inflation easing anytime soon. So, for those who love mixed rice for lunch, are you still happy with the prices?

Despite the challenges of rising prices, it's worth remembering that resilience and adaptability are part of our shared human spirit. While the cost of mixed rice may be inching up, there are countless local vendors who continue to serve up delicious, affordable meals with a smile. 

Supporting these businesses can not only satisfy your taste buds but also contribute to the strength of your community. So, as we navigate these economic tides, let's cherish the simple joys of a good meal and the bonds we build over shared food, for they remain steadfast, even in the face of inflation.