Malaysia's Girl Group DOLLA Represents Malaysia in China Reality TV Show “Show It All"!

Malaysia's girl group DOLLA is representing Malaysia and headed to China to participate in “Show It All”! “Show It All” is a stage exchange reality show created by Mango TV in collaboration with renowned celebrity Lay Zhang.

malaysia's girl group dolla represents malaysia in china reality tv show “show it all!Photo via Universal Music Malaysia

Lay serves as the producer of the show, with regular mentors including Chinese rapper Tanke (Liu Jiayu) and former Chinese member of the Korean girl group miss A, Meng Jia.

It is reported that DOLLA will exchange the stage alongside six female trainees from Lay's company, Chromosome Entertainment, as well as new girl groups from around the world in a series of stage performances over 100 days.

The female trainees from Chromosome Entertainment will complete weekly challenges in order to gather points for debut on the stage of "Ride the Wind 2024". The fresh and exciting theme of the show, along with the glamorous lineup of mentors, has made its wave of excitement!

DOLLA is a four-member girl group meticulously crafted by Universal Music Malaysia. The members are Angel, Sabronzo, Syasya and Tabby. Within just four years of their debut, they have already received numerous awards and recognition.

Besides their remarkable achievements in the entertainment industry, all four members are also darlings of the fashion world. With hit singles like "Dolla Make You Wanna," "Watch Me Glow," and "BAD," they have accumulated a large fan base and are even hailed as Malaysia's number one girl group, with vocal and dance abilities comparable to K-Pop groups.

Most of DOLLA's music is dance-oriented, featuring upbeat rhythms and avantgarde melodies, with lyrics advocating female empowerment, hoping to inspire women worldwide to break free from societal constraints and showcase their uniqueness through music!

Athough Angel, a member of the group is of Chinese descent, they have yet to release a Chinese single.

“Show It All' 'is also their first Chinese program since their debut. Regarding this, they stated, "We are honored to represent Malaysia in this opportunity. Although nervous, we will definitely do our best to spread our culture and characteristics through music!"

In addition, DOLLA released their first album, "New Classic," at the end of last year. The record company revealed that this is just the first step for DOLLA to enter the Chinese music market, and fans can expect to hear their Chinese singles in the near future. Stay tuned!

“Show It All” premiered on Mango TV on March 28th. We wish DOLLA the best of luck in the competition, hoping they shine brightly on stage and showcase Malaysia’s talent!