Do Or Do Not, There Is Only Donut

do or do not, there is only donut

Round, fluffy buns with a big hole in the centre, doughnuts are easily well-loved by many. Dunkin’ Donuts, which has a huge fanbase that just refers to them as “Dunkin’”, decided to go with the crowd and rebranded themselves Dunkin’. That’s right - no more Donuts in their official name, but they will still be selling donuts!

Golden Donuts Sdn. Bhd., the franchisee for Dunkin’ in Malaysia, launched its new outlet in Suria KLCC in conjunction with the rebranding. This will be the first store in Malaysia with the new brand and the ‘360 store design’ concept.

Keeping the familiar pink and orange tones and the same font, they will be enhancing the Dunkin’ experience by incorporating a cafe-style approach where customers can sit down with a cup of coffee (and doughnuts, of course). The new branding will be appearing on in-store packaging, the brand’s advertisements, social media and website in Malaysia. Stores with the former Dunkin’ Donut signage will also be changed to the new Dunkin’ logo.

According to Peter Yu Kok Ann, Managing Director of Golden Donuts, “While donuts remain a key priority, we are committed to make Dunkin’ the preferred choice for guests to recharge for the day through great beverages, delicious food and unparalleled convenience.”

do or do not, there is only donut

In line with the brand’s coffee and beverage-forward strategy, Golden Donuts will progressively expand its Dunkin’ beverage menu, including further development of its espresso range. Some of the recent additions include Flat White and Caramel Macchiato, which will be available at all Dunkin’ outlets nationwide from 8th November onwards. Golden Donuts will also channel its efforts into building Dunkin’s coffee credentials by educating guests about its coffee quality and heritage, which goes back nearly 70 years.

do or do not, there is only donut

Yu also said that the Suria KLCC store will have over 40 flavours for visitors to choose from! Some exclusive offerings include Donut Fingers, Cheesecake donuts, Big Boss donuts and Coffee Bean donuts. 

Donut wait anymore, go check it out for yourself!

By: Celestine Foo