Did You Really Think The Smoking Ban Was Just Talk?

Remember the smoking ban that was brought up by the government last year? Yeah, it has finally come into effect, starting from January 1st, 2020.

Some people might think that the authorities are taking this smoking ban lightly, well think again!

According to The Star, over 705 summonses were issued on the first day of the year to smokers found smoking within range of any eatery, which amounted to over RM170,200 in summonses.

did you really think the smoking ban was just talk?

Photo by BERNAMA

Some people tend to ignore the smoking ban, despite ongoing educational enforcement to boost public awareness from last year.

So if you’re sitting beside someone who is smoking at any restaurant or food places, YOU CAN REPORT THEM to the authorities that is designated to issue the summonses.

If you are wondering how you can do that, the Ministry of Health has provided a pamphlet of instructions to Malaysians on how they can help, by just sending a text on WhatsApp:

did you really think the smoking ban was just talk?

Photo by Oriental Daily

1.     Include the name and address of the eatery or restaurant you are in

2.     Take a photo of the smoker who is smoking within the premises

3.     Include the time and date of when the photo was taken

4.     You can also report eateries or restaurants that do not have the ‘No Smoking’ sign displayed on their premises

5.     Report your information through the WhatsApp hotline at 010-8608949 or call 03-88924530 (office hours only)

Just a little PSA for you guys: you are not allowed to smoke in “any area within a radius of three metres from any table or chair which is placed for the purpose of preparing, serving or selling food.”

Happy new year!                                            

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat