Giant Crocodile Gently Carry Missing Boy’s Body And Return Him Back To His Family In Indonesia

A video went viral on Twitter of a boy who was brought back to his heartbroken family by a huge crocodile. 

In the video, the crocodile can be seen gently carrying the little boy’s body on its back as it swims along the Mahakam River in the province of East Kalimantan in Indonesia, 1.5 kilometers from where it was thought he drowned.  

giant crocodile gently carry missing boy’s body and return him back to his family in indonesiaPhoto via Twitter (@susantananda3)

The crocodile then stopped next to a rescue vessel to let two rescuers go get the child off the crocodile's back, before slipping away back into the murky water. 

The young boy, Muhammad Ziyad Wijaya has been missing for two days at the Jawa Estuary on the east of Borneo in East Kalimantan. 

Members of the Search and Rescue Agency had been searching for him but always returned empty-handed. However, the rescue team then learned from the family that they had seen a crocodile carrying a human body on 20 January. 

Later, it was confirmed to be the reported missing boy. He had no bite marks on him, “Nothing is missing, everything is intact.”

The video has since gone viral on Twitter with over 296,900 views at the time of writing.

TW: Dead Body

How unusual! 

But we’re glad that he is now reunited with his family. Our condolences go out to the family who have lost their little boy.