COVID-19: Level One And Two Patients May Self-Quarantine At Home

covid-19: level one and two patients may self-quarantine at home

Photo via The Star

The Health Ministry (MOH) has announced that level one and two COVID-19 patients are allowed to undergo treatment and quarantine at home, under strict surveillance by health authorities.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba said a special team had been set up under the Crisis Preparedness and Response Center (CPRC) at state and district levels to monitor patients treated at home.

However, patients with symptoms will be treated at the hospital and undergo the monitoring process as usual.

“This action is implemented because we need to be quick to treat and isolate positive cases and with this, the MOH will continue to conduct contact tracing to flatten the COVID-19 curve,” he said.

Dr Adham said first and second level patients would be given a period of 10 days to be at home, before having to undergo a screening test on the last day.

“Screening tests will be done on the 10th day in their respective homes and if they are negative, this means they are free from COVID-19,” he explained.

It’s understood that health authorities will first assess the layout of ​​the house as well as the number of residents, before allowing the patients involved to undergo treatment at their respective homes.

“If the housing facilities are sufficient and there are rooms to be separated, as well as families understanding the issue of quarantine and segregation, apart from understanding the SOPs set by the MOH, they will be treated at home,” he said.

On January 4th, the ministry said it’s considering isolating and quarantining COVID-19 patients who are asymptomatic at home, as existing health facilities are reaching full capacity, following a high increase in daily cases.

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by Kyle Roshen Jacob