COVID-19: Is The Worst Over As Daily Cases Dip Below 3K For First Time In Weeks?

covid-19: is the worst over as daily cases dip below 3k for first time in weeks?

Malaysia appears to have turned the corner in its fight against COVID-19, as daily cases show a downward trend.

Health Director-General Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah believes the Movement Control Order (MCO) is working, as infections dropped below the 3,000 mark yesterday (February 9th) for the first time in nearly a month, with 2,764 cases.

He suggested that we may now be past the worst – such as when new COVID-19 cases spiked to 5,298 on January 31st.

“The cases could stabilise and reach a plateau by week four of the MCO, if we continue to comply with SOPs,” said Dr Noor Hisham.

“If we keep lowering the infectivity rate, it is possible for us to flatten the curve, perhaps by March or April. And we hope to hit two digits by mid-May or the end of May,’’

The Health Ministry (MOH) is also expecting cases and infectivity to continue dropping, especially from next week.

Malaysia is currently in week three of the MCO, which was implemented on January 13th and has since been extended to February 18th.

But despite the drop in cases, remember, this is not an excuse for us to let our guard down because the battle against the pandemic is still ongoing.

Stay safe, everyone!


by Roshini Ravindran