COVID-19: 14 Clusters Linked To Inter-State Travel, Social Activities

covid-19: 14 clusters linked to inter-state travel, social activities

Inter-state travel and social activities are responsible for 14 new COVID-19 clusters in the country.

The Health Ministry (MOH) says there are so far five clusters linked to inter-district and inter-state travel since the activity was allowed early last month.

Inter-state travel clusters:

- Intan cluster (Pahang)

- Semambu cluster (Pahang)

- Tembok Mempaga cluster (Pahang)

- Seragam Chepa cluster (Kelantan)

- Ehsan Ibol cluster (Perak)

Meanwhile, nine clusters have been traced back to social activities:

- Gerbang Pongsu (Perak)

- Bandar Impian (Johor, Kelantan and Perak)

- Sungai Redan (Johor)

- Sungai Burong (Selangor and Negeri Sembilan)

- Cassia Diamond (Penang and Selangor)

- Lintas Seraya (Sabah)

- Maringkan (Sabah)

- Paginatan (Sabah)

- Kupi-Kupi (Sabah)

With more festivities around the corner, like Thaipusam and Chinese New Year, this should act as an urgent reminder for us to strictly comply with SOPs and preferably stay at home.

The fight against COVID-19 is not over yet!

Remember to wear a face mask, maintain physical distancing and wash your hands regularly.


by Roshini Ravindran