Couple Caught Removing Pink Wristbands To Go Grocery Shopping

Police have arrested a couple who removed their Ministry of Health (MOH) pink bracelet to go grocery shopping outside the Targeted Enhanced Movement Control Order (TEMCO) in Kuala Sanglang, Perlis yesterday.

The 54-year-old man and his 65-year-old wife were caught at Jalan Simpang Empat-Kuala Sanglang roadblock while riding a motorcycle home at around 3:30pm.

couple caught removing pink wristbands to go grocery shoppingPhoto via New Straits Times / Astro Awani

According to the Kangar district police chief, Superintendent Wari Kiew said, “After questioning, they admitted to removing their quarantine tags, claiming they suffered allergic reactions when wearing them.”

The New Straits Times also reported that the couple had to use rat trails to avoid roadblocks that had been set up since the implementation of the TEMCO.

The villages, Kuala Sanglang and Kampung Tanah Timbul in Perlis were placed under the TEMCO from 10th to 31st August, following a COVID-19 outbreak linked to the PUI Sivagangga cluster. 

The couple were later released on police bail. 

If you’re coming back from overseas, please adhere to the two-quarantine period and stay at home!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat