Couple Arrested After Leaving Dead Baby Outside A Mosque

couple arrested after leaving dead baby outside a mosque

Photo via Kosmo!

A young couple was arrested early yesterday morning (November 23rd), after they left their dead four-month-old baby girl in a bag at a mosque in Sungai Way, Selangor.

According to Kosmo!, police made the arrest after receiving a report from the mosque’s imam, who had found the baby’s body on Sunday night (November 22nd).

It’s understood that the 25-year-old Malaysian man and Indonesian woman had also left a note saying they weren’t able to take care of the child, and pleaded for a proper Muslim burial for the infant.

The note read: “I want to ask for the good services of the people of the mosque to handle the body of this baby. I do not know how to manage this body. I am ignorant and a great sinner. I can’t bear to see my child’s body. I was expelled from the family because of this baby. I have no perfect place to live or the money to take this baby to the hospital. Please take care of my child’s body and perform the burial in an Islamic and nice way.”

couple arrested after leaving dead baby outside a mosque

Photo via Facebook

Petaling Jaya district deputy police chief Superintendent Ku Mashariman Ku Mahmood said officers managed to track the couple down to a hotel in SS 3, based on CCTV footage in front of the mosque.

“They admitted to leaving the baby’s body and further investigation into the case is still underway,” he said.

The baby’s autopsy will be conducted today (November 24th), and the suspects have been remanded for four days for investigations under Section 318 of the Penal Code for disposing of the dead body of a child, whether such child dies before or after or during its birth.

This is so sad!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob