CMCO: Schools That Have Been Affected By The Jump In COVID-19 Cases

These are the schools that have recently been ordered to close for a week respectively unless mentioned otherwise. 


cmco: schools that have been affected by the jump in covid-19 casesPhoto via New Straits Times

1. All schools in Sabah were ordered to be closed (starting 10th October until 25th October)

Klang Valley 

All 298 schools in the Petaling district of Selangor (starting 12th October 2020 until 25th October 2020)

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2. SK Presint 8(1) in Putrajaya and SK Bangsar (starting 9th October 2020) 


cmco: schools that have been affected by the jump in covid-19 casesPhoto via The Star

1. SK Taman Desa Skudai (starting 16th October 2020) 

According to a Whatsapp message that has been circulating, a Year Three pupil tested positive after relatives visited from Selangor. The boy and his family had undergone home quarantine beginning 8th October before testing positive on 15th October 2020.  

2. SK Masai & Sekolah Agama As-syakirin (starting 10th October 2020), Sekolah Agama Taman Rinting (starting 14th October 2020) & Sekolah Agama Tafrijiyyah (starting 16th October 2020) 

The closures were a precautionary measure to stop the spread of COVID-19 following detection of a positive case in surrounding areas. 


1. SK Seri Sentosa (starting 20th October 2020) 

The Director of Penang Education Department, Abdul Rashid Abdul Samad has issued the closure of the school but did not elaborate on the active case. Only one other school has been ordered close in Penang. 

2. SK Permatang Janggus (starting 1st October 2020)

SK Permatang Janggus was ordered closed on 1st October 2020 after a teacher, believed to be the wife of a politician from Kedah who had campaigned in the recent Sabah state election, had contracted the virus.


cmco: schools that have been affected by the jump in covid-19 casesPhoto via Malay Mail

1. SMK Dato Haji Mohd Taib & SMK Raja Lope Nor Rashid (starting 20th October 2020)

The closure of these schools tally up to 12 schools that have been closed in the state since the third wave of COVID-19. 

2. SK Tanah Kebun, SK Klebang Jaya & SMK Aminuddin Baki (starting 19th October 2020)

Four students from ages ranging 7-15 across the three schools had been found to be COVID-19 positive.

3. SK Lekir Batu 8 (starting from 14th October 2020) 

The closure of SK Lekir Batu 8 was announced to be extended until 26th October 2020. 

4. SMK King Edward VII, SMK (P) Treacher Methodist, SMK Bukit Jana, SK Taman Jana, SK Convent Kota, SK Ulu Mengkuang (starting 12th October)  

The schools have since opened on Monday, 19th October 2020.


1. SMK Simpang Bekoh (starting 19th October 2020)

The most recent school set to join two other schools have been closed in Melaka, SMK Simpang Bekoh was ordered to close after a pair of siblings tested positive for COVID-19. Their mother is said to be a frontliner and is believed to have contracted the virus while at work. 

2. SMK Lubok China  & Sekolah Kebangsaan Telok Berembang (starting 15th October 2020)

The two schools in Masjid Tanah were ordered to close following a pair of siblings which were tested positive for COVID-19. Their family of eight were all found to have tested positive having contracted the virus from their aunt who recently returned from Labuan. 


cmco: schools that have been affected by the jump in covid-19 casesPhoto via The Edge Market

1. SMK Baling, SMK Bongor, SMK Bukit Payong and SK Bukit Pak Kiau (starting 12th October 2020) 

Teachers and pupils of the school had tested positive for COVID-19. 


1. SMK Bandar Bintulu (starting 10th October 2020) 

A pupil was tested positive for COVID-19. The student is believed to be linked to a patient in the Taman Putrajaya cluster which was detected in Bintulu. 


1. SK Kompleks Seberang Takir & SMK Kompleks Seberang Takir (starting 5th October 2020) 

Some students at the two schools were tested positive for COVID-19.

2. SK Padang Kemunting (starting 2nd October 2020)

A teacher tested positive for COVID-19. 

3. Community Development Department (Kemas) nursery at Bandar Al Muktafi Billah Shah in Dungun (starting 1st October 2020) 

A staff member tested positive for COVID-19.

cmco: schools that have been affected by the jump in covid-19 casesPhoto via The Straits Times

Despite news pouring in of schools closing across the nation, Education Minister Dr. Mohd Radzi Md Jidin said yesterday (20th October 2020) that red zone schools may remain open if infections are contained. He clarified that schools with positive COVID-19 cases and in areas under the CMCO will be temporarily closed. 

However, the Education Ministry has also been paying close attention to the mental health and developmental effects of the COVID-19 situation on students. As a result, the Education Ministry is introducing Minda Sihat (Healthy Mind), a screening test to help teachers identify students’ stress levels during this pandemic. 

We can’t imagine the worry that parents and students must be going through this year. We hope the best for students and their during these trying times. 

By: Catalina Hubbard