Civil Defence Force Captured Six-Metre Python At Rubber Estate In Kelantan

civil defence force captured six-metre python at rubber estate in kelantan

Photo via NST

Civil Defence Force (APM) officers have revealed that they captured a huge python back in June at a rubber estate in Jeli, Kelantan.

The reptile was first spotted by tappers there, and it’s understood that some of them were even afraid to go out to work, in fear of being attacked by the non-venomous snake.

This is the largest snake caught by APM this year, measuring six metres and weighing about 100 kilos!

“Officers went to the estate after receiving information from several rubber tappers who had spotted the huge snake in the area,” Kelantan APM director Zainuddin Hussin told the New Straits Times.

Zainuddin also shared some snake statistics.

A total of 177 snakes were caught during the recent first wave of floods in several districts in Kelantan from December 1st to 7th.

“The snakes, of various species including venomous snakes, were caught mostly in people's homes and other premises,” he said.

Meanwhile, a grand total of 7,740 snakes were caught by the force state-wide from January to November this year, and all of them were handed over to the state Wildlife Department.


by Kyle Roshen Jacob