Capped Price Of RM1.20 For Face Masks To Be Lowered

capped price of rm1.20 for face masks to be lowered

The government announced today (August 6th) that it will lower the RM1.20 ceiling price of face masks, following numerous calls from the public and various parties.

However, it did not say what the new capped price would be and when this would come into effect.

While the RM1.20 limit was already a 30 sen reduction from the previous cap, this will be reduced further after considering public response.

The issue came up in Parliament today, as it was felt that the move would less burden the public, since face masks have become mandatory in 14 categories of public spaces since August 1st.

Here's when and where you need to wear a face mask:

Having said that, make sure you’ve got a face mask with you whenever you’re out of the house!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob