Can The Haze Be Responsible For Accidents?

can the haze be responsible for accidents?Photo: StarProperty 

The haze can be hazardous to your health, and as a result, it might be real bad for your work commute as well.

Back in 2016, The Telegraph released a research backed article stating that air pollution could be responsible for car accidents!

A five-year study at the London School of Economics showed that with every microgramme per cubic metre of nitrogen dioxide raised, the number of accidents on the road rose by two per cent. It also found that toxic air can affect people’s health, and watery eyes and an itchy nose could also be distracting for motorists.

Air pollution inside your car can also be worse than on the outside because toxic air can build up in small spaces.

However, take this study with a grain of salt, as some areas that have been researched are also heavily populated areas like Mumbai, and more vehicles on the road also mean more accidents.

can the haze be responsible for accidents?Photo: Malay Mail

With the haze currently affecting our air, we can still prevent our own accidents by learning how to keep safe.

Here’s what we can do!

1.    Avoid going outside.
It might seem a little dramatic, but it’s best to avoid as much outside exposure when the air pollutant index (API) levels are still high. Exercise at home, or at the gym instead. And this should be a given, but avoid smoking too.

2.    Wear a mask when going outside.
N95 masks and other respiratory masks are great to keep you from breathing in the smoke particles in the air. Surgical masks and other flimsy ones won’t!

3.    Take the time to take care of you!
The harsh air isn’t just bad for your lungs, but for your skin and overall health! Remember to take a few couple hours in your day (indoors) to put on a face mask, take a bath and relax with a nice book or movie. When you start feeling a little sick from the haze, get yourself to the doctor! Have eyedrops and lozenges handy. 

By taking precautions during the haze, let’s hope it results in a safe drive or ride!

By: Dzamira Dzafri