Brazilian Man Fakes His Death To See How Many People Would Attend His Funeral

Out of pure curiosity, a Brazilian man faked his own death to see who would attend his funeral, which infuriated his friends and family.

According to Oddity Central, 60-year-old Baltazar Lemos, had overseen hundreds of funerals as an experienced “ceremonialist,” or sort of a master of ceremonies for different kinds of occasions. 

brazilian man fakes his death to see how many people would attend his funeralPhoto via The Mirror

He told reporters that some of these funerals had just 2 attendees while others had over 500, so recently, he had been wondering how many of his friends and family would turn up to say goodbye and pay their respects when he passed away.

And since he couldn’t really know if he truly passed away, he decided to take his death and see how many people showed up to his funeral…

On 10 January, someone posted a message on Baltazar Lemos’ social media announcing his death, “At the beginning of this sad afternoon, Baltazar Lemos left us. More information is coming soon.”

A day before the announcement, a photo of a hospital in Sao Paulo was posted on his social media account, which shocked Lemos’ family as no one even knew he had been in the hospital.

One of his nephews rushed to the hospital to ask about him but the staff had no record of Baltazar being admitted there in the past few days. 

People then started leaving condolences and inquiries regarding the cause of death as Baltazar’s internet friends began sharing the heartbreaking news of his loss. However, there was no explanation, rather just an updated date, time and location of his funeral. 

brazilian man fakes his death to see how many people would attend his funeralPhoto via

His friends and family then gathered in a little chapel in his hometown of Curitiba on 18 January for what they believed to be his funeral. 

Baltazar’s voice is then heard through the speakers recalling his life at one point, which made everyone in attendance cry because they believed it was a recording of the deceased. But the altar door suddenly opens where Baltazar then appears in front of all of his guests.

As you may expect, the word "confusion" perfectly captures how people felt upon seeing Baltazar. 

He then explained that he had faked his death to see who would attend his funeral, and after that, guests began accusing him of cruelty. Some people started crying, while others just stood there with their mouths open.

One person wrote in the comments of his post saying, “I don’t know you personally and I hope I never meet you.”