Brave S’porean Delivery Man's Heroic Act Saves the Day: Putting Out a Kitchen Fire In Flat

On May 25, a remarkable incident unfolded at a flat in Singapore when a delivery man, while in the process of delivering a parcel, bravely stepped up to put out a fire that had erupted inside the home. 

This courageous act was carried out by 31-year-old Aliff Anugerah, who had coincidentally served in the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) during his National Service, providing him with valuable firefighting experience.

brave s’porean delivery man's heroic act saves the day: putting out a kitchen fire in flatPhoto via Facebook (Shin Min Daily News 新明日报)

Aliff's expertise in firefighting proved invaluable as he swiftly tackled the fire, successfully extinguishing it within a remarkable five-minute timeframe. Thankfully, no serious injuries were reported as a result of the incident.

According to an interview with Singapore's Shin Min Daily News, Aliff recounted the sequence of events. As he emerged from the lift on the 16th floor, he immediately detected a strong smell of smoke permeating the corridor. 

To his alarm, he discovered that the source of the smoke was the very flat he was delivering to. Black smoke billowed from the entrance, creating an ominous scene.

Approaching the unit, Aliff noticed the distress on the face of a woman inside. After completing his delivery and sensing something amiss, he inquired about the situation. 

The woman revealed that a pot on her kitchen stove had caught fire. Despite her attempts to douse it with water, the fire had only grown larger.

Responding swiftly, Aliff accompanied the woman into the kitchen, where he personally witnessed the blaze caused by the grease fire. Drawing upon his SCDF training, he immediately took action. Placing a wet towel on the stove and pouring water on it, he successfully extinguished the flames.

Aliff's effective firefighting skills, honed during his time in the SCDF, ensured that the fire was swiftly brought under control. When questioned about the incident, he modestly described the process, stating that it took approximately five minutes to extinguish the fire.

The SCDF confirmed the details of the incident, highlighting that the fire originated from a pot and was eventually put out by a member of the public using a wet towel. Initial investigations indicated that the fire had escalated due to negligence, as no one was attending to the stove at the time. While one individual had inhaled fumes, they declined medical assistance.

Aliff Anugerah's act of bravery and quick thinking serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that ordinary individuals can have during critical moments. 

His selfless intervention and utilization of his firefighting knowledge ensured the safety of those involved and prevented further damage. Aliff's heroic actions embody the spirit of community and highlight the importance of being prepared to respond to emergencies.

【本地】送货时巧遇单位起火 送货员助灭火

【本地】送货时巧遇单位起火 送货员助灭火   这起火患发生在5月25日,地点是榜鹅临谷坪第126C座组屋。当天早上10时左右,物流服务商极兔速递(J&T Express)送货员阿里夫(31岁)正要送包裹到该组屋第16层楼的一个单位。   阿里夫说,当他走近单位时,发现一名看似焦虑的妇女。他把包裹交给妇女后,便询问对方是否一切安好。妇女称厨房着火,不知道该怎么办。阿里夫随后跟随妇女进入单位,发现厨房火炉起火。   我先用湿毛巾铺在锅上,然后再倒水,火就灭了,总共花了约5分钟的时间。”(报道:管雅凡)(视频:受访者提供)   (有新闻,请拨 91918727。送最高$50礼券!)

Posted by Shin Min Daily News 新明日报 on Sunday, 18 June 2023

As we reflect on this remarkable story, let us recognize the potential within each of us to make a difference. Aliff Anugerah's courageous act not only demonstrates the importance of remaining vigilant and calm during emergencies but also inspires us to be proactive in safeguarding our communities. 

It is through the collective efforts of individuals like Aliff that we can create a safer and more resilient society, where ordinary people can become extraordinary heroes.