Bosses Be Bossin’

bosses be bossin’

There are so many odd celebrations around the world that if someone were to really do research, every single day of the year is probably a special day. Today is your boss’ lucky day, because, well, It’s his/her day!

Sometimes, we forget that bosses are humans, and neglect to think about what they go through to keep things running. Some people call them “slave drivers”, but hey, you are only a slave if you think of yourself as one!

Boss’ Day first came about in 1958 when Patricia Bays Haroski registered it with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce while working as a secretary at State Farm Insurance. She chose her father’s birthday (happy birthday to Mr. Haroski!) as the date, because he was her boss, and she also felt that the work he did was hardly recognised. 

Come 1979, Boss’ Day had increased so much in popularity that even Hallmark had a Boss’ Day card just to celebrate the day! (psst.. Wouldn’t it be great to have a national holiday here too?)

bosses be bossin’Photo: Pinterest

Today is the day to be nice to your boss (can secretly use as an excuse to suck up also). Among some of the things you can do is to give them a nice card with an appreciation message acknowledging the work they do. Alternatively, belanja makan is always a great way to brighten someone’s day!

Go forth and make your boss happy today!

By: Celestine Foo