Bookworms Can Get Lost In This Tunnel

bookworms can get lost in this tunnelPhoto: Property Wall Street

Books are something of a relic these days, given how many of us have become devotees of technology.

We scroll through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram far more than we flip through the pages of a book, and it’s heartbreaking that so many youngsters miss out on the thrill of smelling a new book, feeling the texture of paper on skin, and the enjoyment of being immersed in a world brought to life by the power of words.

bookworms can get lost in this tunnelPhoto: Pamelaybtw

Thankfully, BookXcess hasn’t given up on us and are still continuing to grow, with their 8th bookstore now open in Setia Alam. Sounds pretty normal, right? 

But here’s the best part - it was built with a tunnel concept in mind. The shop is situated underground and there’s a circular staircase leading downwards (sounds like how all horror movies begin ah actually).

bookworms can get lost in this tunnelPhoto: Hype

One thing about BookXcess is how their stores are quirky and fun, so that even non-book lovers can have a good time just exploring the space. This newly opened one is pretty immersive and you just might get lost in here - maybe not in books, but in the store itself.

Will you be visiting anytime soon?