Bomba Saves Man Who Fell Asleep On Roof

Firefighters rescued a man who was trapped on the roof of a house in Kampung Berkat on Monday (October 11th).

Head of the Maran Fire and Rescue station (BBP), Assistant Fire Superintendent, Samsul Effendi said that his department received an emergency call at about 9:16 pm regarding the incident. 

bomba saves man who fell asleep on the roof of a housePhoto via Astro AWANI

According to Astro AWANI, a total of eight members from the Maran fire station were involved in the rescue operation. 

“As soon as we arrived at the scene, we found a man in his 30s on the roof of the house.

“The fire brigade used ladders and stretches to lower the man and handed him over to the police,” he said.

The man is believed to have fallen asleep on the roof and the incident was notified by the public who contacted police.

We hope the man is okay. We’re glad that he’s not on the roof anymore!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat