Fire and Rescue Department Safely Retrieves Crocodile Trapped in Drain In Kuching Neighborhood

A recent video has taken social media by storm, shining a light on the heroic efforts of the Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) in Malaysia.

The video showcases a heartwarming rescue mission involving not only the safety of Malaysians but also the well-being of a local crocodile.

fire and rescue department safely retrieves crocodile trapped in drain in kuching neighborhoodPhoto via TikTok (@bossmichael_oe)

The viral video, initially shared by TikTok user @bossmichael_oe, has garnered an astounding 512,000 views and received over 25,200 likes within a single day, underlining the profound impact of this act of valor.

The video commences with a JBPM truck stationed in the middle of the night on an unnamed neighborhood's street. As the camera pans, it becomes evident that the focus of this operation is a crocodile that has found itself in a rather unconventional location - stuck inside a drain in front of a residential house.

JBPM personnel, exemplifying their remarkable dedication, skillfully extract the crocodile from its confined position, ensuring the safety of both the animal and the community. They deftly cover its mouth and securely bind it, preparing it for relocation to a safer environment.

In a heartwarming display of care for not only the human residents but also the wildlife that shares their habitat, the JBPM team gently loads the crocodile into the trailer of a pickup truck. 

This act exemplifies the department's commitment to safeguarding the welfare of all beings within their jurisdiction, be it the local residents or the animals that occasionally find themselves in unexpected predicaments.



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This viral video serves as a testament to the valor and compassion exhibited by Malaysia's Fire and Rescue Department, highlighting their pivotal role in ensuring the safety and well-being of both the human and animal inhabitants of the nation.