BigPay Warns Of Scammers Using Its Name

bigpay warns of scammers using its name

Financial app BigPay has warned its users of scammers who are disguising themselves as company officers.

These individuals are supposedly claiming to offer cash prizes which they can only ‘redeem’ upon receiving confidential information such as the banking one-time PIN (OTP) from the caller.

With that, the company has advised the public against sharing any personal information with anyone through any phone calls or messages they might receive.

BigPay also clarified that it does not have any official WhatsApp Business account and does not engage with its customers on any form of messenger application.

It added that all official announcements are made via its official channels.

BigPay has already started reporting these fake WhatsApp numbers being used to conduct scams, and it’s working closely with the relevant authorities to close in on as many scammers as possible.

The public can get in touch with BigPay via the following official communication channels:





BigPay will not not be held liable for any claims arising from schemes in which it and any of its authorised officers/employees have no involvement.

Are you unsure of what a scam could look like? Here's some tips for you to stay alert... 

Be on the lookout, people!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob